Twist-type seal Oli Lock

Unit Price:€ 1.00
Category:Nos produits
Security level: 5
Delivery up to 24 hours: Yes
Customisation: Yes
Dimensions: 29 mm (Seal height); 21 mm (Seal width)
Durability: 5
QPC: 1000 pcs per carton
Material: SAN & ABS
Certificates: ISO:9001; Eurasian patent No. 015522; Moldavian patent No. 4034
Removal: Special tool required
: No
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Customisation Text or a logo, barcode, 7-digit number
Colors Green, red, blue, orange, white, yellow
- Measuring equipment
- Distribution cabinets
- Metering devices
- Premises
- Fuel tanks and many other objects
- Resistant to climatic conditions, stands extreme temperatures
- Suitable temperature between -50ºC and 50ºC.
- Easy to install without sealing machine
- Transparent case allows using different colour variations of the inner parts of the seal
- Numbers and logos are protected by plastic layer
- 7-digit number marking protects from reocurrence of numbering
- Duplication of the 7-digit number provides additional security level
- Twister rotates clockwise only so any extraction of the cable is impossible after application
- Micro text and manufacturing company‘s name is marked on the seal
- „OliLock“ is impossible to open without visible deterioration
- Extraction of rotating insert is only possible by its complete destruction
- Seal consists of three parts: homogeneous body, twist and anchor
- Anchor number and other records are protected with plastic layer
- The seal is fully installed only when the wire is screwed into the twist and anchor is locked.
- The multitude of colours and monolith case, protecting  internal gear, large space for marking allows presenting Oli Lock as one of the safest and informative seals of this category.


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