Security cable seal Inner Force

Unit Price:€ 1.00
Category:Nos produits
Business areas: Waste management, Petrol stations, Food industry, Retail, Transportation, Public institutions, Agriculture
Security level: 5
Delivery up to 24 hours: Yes
Customisation: Yes
Dimensions: 2.25 mm (cable diameter); 400 mm (cable length)
Durability: 5
QPC: 200 pieces per pack
Material: Metal-reinforced case, covered with plastic, non-preformed galvanized steel aircraft cable
Certificates: Certificates: ISO:9001; Eurasian patent No. 006864; Moldovian patent No. 3134; Invention patent (Ukraine) No. 85840
Removal: With Tool
: No
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Customisation Text or logo, 7-digit number
Colors Green, red, yellow, white
- Refrigerator trucks
- Railway containers
- Oil tanks
- Grain tanks
- Containers
- Warehouses
- Premises
- Falls into the category of heavy-duty ones
- Tool-less application
- Flexible galvanized cable with the diameter of 2.25 mm stands the breaking load of not less than 3800 N
- The name points to the design features – metal-reinforced case, covered with plastic.
- Environmentally friendly
- Formation of sparks is eliminated because the seal body is covered with plastic - that is essential in sealing fuel and oil tanks.
- Body is non-flammable according to 1.9.2 GOST 282550 89 requirements and covered with one of 5 polystyrene colours
- Impact-resistant polystyrene - a non-toxic, non-explosive;  flame temperature - 343 ° C, self-ignition temperature  - 486 ° C.
- These temperatures can be reached in laboratory conditions only
- Due to the plastic cover, any attempts to change or remove labelling leaves visible traces
- The use of double, independent from one another locking mechanism excludes the possibility of reverse motion of cable after the final mounting of the seal
- Plastic housing refers to manufacturer "Olimp", name of the seal and arrows indicating direction of the cable
- Logos can be marked in various colours
- Visible traces are left after replacing the seal -  100% guarantee
- There is the possibility of mounting of RFID chip.


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